Hire me

I undertake short-term, interim and long-term assignments. I am organised, professional, keep good records and journals of what I accomplish, am easy to w0rk with.

My digital marketing work involves some or all of these roles:

  1. Planning and writing for digital media, including Content Planning and Management;
  2. Managing social media accounts/profiles and producing content;
  3. Co-ordinating a digital media account and acting as a single point of contact and account management;
  4. Writing, producing and managing email marketing campaigns linked to social media accounts;
  5. In-house interim roles to consult, plan digital marketing, write a strategy, transfer knowledge.

For smaller enterprises, I focus on Email Marketing linked to social media profiles because that is a tried method of bringing in business.

For larger firms, I usually work through other agencies or consultants and add value through hands-on work and planning and strategy.

My contact number is 07710 191550.

My email is jeremy.dent@gmail.com.


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