In a nutshell…

FreshNetworks is a social business consulting firm that helps companies achieve a transformative impact on their brands. We help our clients identify new, disruptive market opportunities; formulate strategies for innovation and growth; build stronger more connected brands and develop internal change programmes that enable more effective talent management.

We’re looking for a bright and talented Consultant to join the business and work with a handful of key clients to help them develop social and digital strategies. Working with dedicated teams, you will devise social business propositions that help our clients solve critical business problems that have a transformative impact on their brand.

Three weeks ago, I drew up a shortlist of social business consulting firms in London (and beyond) that I wanted to work with. FreshNetworks was on that list.

Some months ago, I was one of the few people using the phrase social business. In the last year, I have been involved in two major projects which achieved transformative (your word!) effects on organisations.

For a firm of solicitors, we worked in parallel with a Partners Sub-committee which was devising market-disrupting services online and we convinced them that this breakthrough needed to go hand-in-hand with social media and social business. The firm changed their business model so drastically that half the Partners left and the culture of the firm changed to an open, collaborative template which shared information with customers, suppliers and (all) staff. They have set a standard that more than broke even this year and will go positively into profit next.

For a £75m turnover, financial services mutual, we collaborated on the conception and planning of an online community. The CEO foresaw a time when the existing direct marketing model would fail and he wanted to replace the existing pragmatic relationships with customers (they communicated only when a product purchase was necessary) to deeper relationships based on solving lifelong, customer-centric challenges through information, sharing and relevant financial products. We built an online community and opened up social media channels to customers, suppliers and staff. In the short term, customer service levels and positive comments went through the roof and the pattern of sales started to change. It is a long-term strategy but all the indicators and metrics were going in the right direction.

I have been preparing for the post of Social Media Account Director for a long time. You will not regret interviewing me.


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