Never hire a “Social Media Expert” (via Momentum)

Those who really understand how to use social media marketing successfully will have a previous grounding in another marketing communications discipline.

Producing good content is one of the keys to success and there are proven professionals in content production like PR pros and creative agencies.

As this blog says, social media is not new: it goes back to AOL and bulletin boards and user groups.

Anyone with a PC and a back bedroom can be a social media guru. Look for deeper criteria if you are hiring one seriously. Check out what content they produce, for what purpose and how they measure its success. Look out for how it is plugged in to other marketing communications disciplines and to an organisation’s P&L.

Excellence in social media looks at an organisation in the round, its marketing strategy and tactics. A lot of social media is not in social media.

Never Hire a "Social Media Expert" By: Tim BakerOne of my biggest pet peeves is the “social media guru.” You know the type, the person that  spends all their time on Twitter retweeting Mashable articles and Chris Brogan’s blog posts and thinks that having 40,000 followers makes them an instant expert in marketing. These people are bad news for many reasons, but what makes them most … Read More

via Momentum


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