Keeping your Gmail account secure

If you have not set your Gmail account to ‘Always use https’, do this now.

1 Sign in to Gmail.
2 Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
3 At the bottom of the page, set ‘Browser Connection’ to ‘Always use https.’
4 Click ‘Save Changes’
5 Quit and reload Gmail.

This will protect your GMail account. Just in case you need to know how Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS works, it is a URI (uniform resource identifier) scheme used to indicate a secure HTTP connection.

It is identical to the http:// scheme normally used for accessing Web resources using HTTP. Using an https: URL indicates that HTTP is to be used, but with a different default TCP port (443) and an additional encryption/authentication layer between the HTTP and TCP.

This system was designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide authentication and encrypted communication and is widely used on the World Wide Web for security-sensitive communication such as payment transactions and corporate information systems.

The HTTPS setting may give you some problems if you receive Gmail on your mobile but Gmail is sorting this now…see here>>>>>.

There have been security weaknesses in Gmail so it’s best to have this on all the time.


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